PBM has a wide variety of limestone products from both domestic and international limestone quarries. Quality limestone formed centuries ago is sourced from all over the world, each piece is unique as earth intended.
This is just a small sample of limestone veneer products PBM offers. We sell full bed stone, thin veneer limestone and cladding for commercial and residential applications.

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Black Limestone Cap
Black Limestone Cap Rockfaced

Antique Black Limestone

Black Limestone Cap, Showroom floor 95A, Black Limestone Cap Rockfaced
Cottonwood Limestone Paving 12 in x  24 in
Cottonwood Brushed

Cottonwood Paving Limestone

Cottonwood Limestone
Cottonwood Veneer Limestone
Cottonwood Various Finishes

Cottonwood Veneer Limestone

Cottonwood Veneer Limestone
Flint Hills Limestone: Brushed
Flint Hills Limestone

Flint Hills Limestone

Flint Hills Limestone, in stock
Flint Hillls Mottled

Flint Hills Mottled Limestone

Cottonwood Veneer Limestone
Gris Catalan Limestone
Gris Catalan Stair Treads: Custom Order

Gris Catalan Limestone

Stock Finishes: Flamed, Flamed and Brushed, Available Finishes: Brushed, Honed & Sandblasted, in-stcok, in stock
Indiana Limestone Full Color Blend Paving
Indiana Limestone, Photo credit: Indiana Limestone Company

Indiana Limestone Full Color Blend

Chesapeake Pattern - 1 Full Repetition per Pallet, Highpoint Pattern - 4 Full Repetitions per Pallet, Modesto Pattern - 4 Full Repetitions per Pallet, Full Color Blend Paving, Showroom Floor: 84
Pewter Limestone, In Stock

Pewter Limestone

in stock
Plaza Buff Limestone - Display at our Masonry Showroom
Plaza Buff Paving

Plaza Buff Limestone

Plaza Buff Brushed Finish Limestone, Plaza Buff Split Faced, Plaza Buff Paving
Plaza Gold Various Finishes
Plaza Gold

Plaza Gold Limestone

Plaza Gold Limestone, 12 x12, piano
Limestone Plaza Grey Veriglass

Plaza Grey Veriglass Limestone

in stock, US Plaza Grey Veriglass, U.S. Stone, Plaza Gray
Silverdale Limestone

Silverdale Limestone

Silverdale Limestone
Yellow Osage
Villa Blend

Yellow Osage Limestone

Villa Blend, Yellow Osage Blend, Yellow Osage on Pallet