Outdoor Living

12 inch cabinet for your outdoor kitchen.

12 in. Cabinet

Our 24 in. cabinet will transform your backyard living space by Eldorado Outdoor Building Blocks.

24 in. Cabinet

Our 36 in. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet is perfect for your outdoor kitchen space.

36 in. Cabinet

Our 48 in. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets are perfect for your outdoor signature kitchen space.

48 in. Cabinet

Our 90 degree corner cabinet with a 10in cantilever on two sides will transform your outdoor kitchen!

90Corner Cabinet W 10in Cantilever on Two Sides

Our Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems BBQ is an amazing addition to any outdoor kitchen.


Transform your backyard with an outdoor kitchen and this Bar Height 90Corner Cabinet by Eldorado Outdoor Building Blocks.

Bar Height 90Corner Cabinet w 10in Cantilever on Two Sides

Transform your outdoor kitchen with our Bar Height Cabinet with a 10 in. Cantilever on the backside by Eldorado Outdoor Building Blocks, Signature Kitchen.

Bar Height Cabinet With 10 In Cantilever Backside

Cabinet With 10in Cantilever Backside

Corner Cabinet

End Cap Accessory


Outdoor Fireplace Cabinets

Prism Hardscapes

Raised Corner Backsplash Accessory

Roman Stone Fire Pit Kit

Straight Raised Backsplash Accessory

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit